Perkins/Barnard Loan Info

Perkins and Barnard Loan forms (promissory note, entrance interview, schedule of advances, or borrower information forms), are available from the Financial Aid Office at (212) 854-2154.

University Accounting Service (UAS) is the billing service for Barnard's Federal Perkins and Institutional Loans. On the UAS website you can:

  • Read about loan deferment/cancellation benefits for which you may be eligible on your federal Perkins/NDSL.
  • Print the forms you'll need to apply for these benefits.
  • Change your billing address with UAS. (This does not change your address on Barnard records.)

Although deferment and cancellation privileges are also outlined in your copy of the promissory note you received at your loan exit interview, benefits may have changed. You should check the UAS website, or call UAS directly at 1-800-999-6227 if you have any questions about eligibility for these benefits.