2018-19 Tuition and Fees


Tuition from September 2018 through May 2019

Tuition for all undergraduate students:

In order to remain in good academic standing, all undergraduate students are expected to fulfill at least 12 credits per semester.

$53,252 per year ($26,626 per semester)


Tuition for Resumed Education:

Available from the director of the program in the Office of the Dean of Studies

Comprehensive Fee:
(Includes Student Health Service Fee, Class Fee, Computer Fee, Student Government Charges, and access to the facilities at the Dodge Physical Fitness Center and Lerner Hall at Columbia University.  Does NOT include Student Health Insurance.)



$1,780 per year ($890 per semester)



Student Health Insurance  If the student is covered under another plan, she may opt out of Barnard's insurance (annually) until August 31, 2018 at University Health Plans To avoid late payment fees, the College *strongly* suggests that she opt out by the fall semester payment deadline of AUGUST 1, 2018.  Although new students entering Barnard for the first time in the Spring 2019 semester and readmitted students may opt out until TBA, they are strongly cautioned to opt out by their payment deadline date in order to avoid late payment fees.

$3,288 (estimated) for the academic year:

  • $1,294 (estimated) fall 2018 semester coverage (8/22/18 - 1/11/19)
  • $1,994 (estimated) spring + summer 2019 semester coverage (1/12/19 - 8/21/19)



Housing Type

Cost Per Year

Cost Per Semester

Multiple or Single occupancy



Studio Apartment



Meal Plans

All full time commuters and dorm residents are required to enroll in a Barnard meal plan.

Standard or Kosher Plans:

 Meal Plan Points per semester

Full Year

Per Term

*   Platinum Plan:  19 meals per week +

120 Points



** Upper Class Quad Plan:  150 meals per term +

625 Points



*** Convenience Flex 100 Plan100 meals per term +

400 Points



*** Convenience Flex 75 Plan:  75 meals per term +

200 Points



**** Convenience Commuter 400 Points Only Plan (Standard only) 400 Points $  800 $  400

Meals and Points

Meal Plan Points are included with meal plans. These points are "dollars" that are part of your meal plan and can be used like cash at any dining location at Barnard. You may use these points to purchase à la carte meals and snacks. Barnard's Meal Plan Points carry over from the Fall semester to the Spring semester if you remain enrolled in a Barnard meal plan in the Spring. However, Meal Plan Points remaining in your account at the end of the academic year are forfeited. 

Any unused meals are forfeited at the end of each semester.

A drop or change of a meal plan will not be accepted after the fourth day of each semester. Charges will be prorated during this period, and a Meal Plan Change must be completed by the student in my.barnard.edu (under the Student Services tab, in the right hand column, under myHousing & Dining).

Meal Plan Selection

*     First-year students on floors 2-8 in the Barnard Quad (Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, and Sulzberger Halls) are required to enroll in a Platinum Plan (19 meals per week + 120 dining points per term).

**   Upper Class and Transfer/Visiting students residing on floors 2-8 in the Barnard Quad (Brooks, Hewitt, Reid, and Sulzberger Halls) are required to enroll in a Quad Upper Class Plan (150 meals per term + 625 points) as a minimum.

*** Upper-class and Transfer/Visiting students residing elsewhere in Barnard/Columbia housing are required to enroll in their choice of a Convenience Flex 100 Meal Plan (100 meals per term + 400 points) or a Convenience Flex 75 Meal Plan (75 meals per term + $200 points).  The default plan is Flex 100 with the option to upgrade to any higher Barnard plan or downgrade to the Flex 75 as a minimum at any time before the 4th day of each semester.  The Convenience Commuter Plan does not fulfill the meal plan requirement for students assigned to campus housing.

**** All full-time commuters are required to enroll in a Convenience Commuter Plan (400 points only) as a minimum.  Commuters may upgrade to any other Barnard plan at any time prior to the 4th day of each semester.

Barnard students will automatically be enrolled in a default meal plan based on their commuter status or residence hall assignment.  If a Barnard student wishes to choose a different meal plan within the requirements above, she may select a plan by the first Friday of each semester at my.barnard.edu (on the Student Services page, in the right hand column, under the myHousing & Dining tab), and submit any additional cost to the Bursar.

Columbia students and Barnard VISP students must print paper meal contracts (below) and submit them to Bursar each term by scan (Bursar@barnard.edu), fax (212-280-8941), or mail (Barnard Bursar, 3009 Broadway, NY, NY 10027-6598).

Submitted forms must have the student's handwritten signature (not a typed font).  If you are not able to fax or scan/email a signed form to us, you can use a website like pdfescape.com/open to fill out the form, draw your signature, and then send the signed form to us. 

2018-19 Barnard First Year Dining Contract

2018-19 Upper Class Dining Contract (Barnard or Columbia, including Transfer students)

2018-19 Columbia First Year Kosher Dining Contract

Spring 2019 VISP Dining Contract (Visiting International Student Program only)


Study Abroad

After a student files a Notice of Study Leave with Barnard's Dean for Study Abroad, her tuition and fees for one term abroad will be $26,626 plus either $1,269 (ESTIMATED) health insurance (fall semester) or $1,969 (ESTIMATED) health insurance (spring and summer semesters together) payable to Barnard. All other costs (housing, board, other fees, etc.) are paid directly to the institution abroad at their own rate.

Payment of Barnard charges is due in full by August 1, 2018 for the fall 2018 semester and by December 1, 2018 for the spring 2019 semester. However, if you wish Barnard to pay your tuition abroad before these dates, we require that your Barnard invoice also be resolved earlier. Barnard will not be able to pay your tuition abroad until the Barnard bill has been resolved in full.

Other Fees (where applicable)

Orientation fee (all first-year and transfer students):  


Fall - International Students

$  400

$  550

  Spring $  200
Registration in absentia: per semester at CU $  100
  per semester elsewhere $  600
  per year elsewhere $1,000
Off-campus comprehensive fee (per semester) $    50
Off-campus study abroad assistance fee (once per year) $  110
Domestic Study Leave: per semester $  600
  per year $1,000
Summer Transfer of Academic Credit from another institution $  100
Course fees (per course):  
  Music Lessons $1,000
  Physical Education fee (waived for undergraduate students fulfilling at least 12 credits per semester) $1,775
Deferred Payment Plan (per semester) $   75
Housing Cancelation Fee Consult www.barnard.edu/reslife/cancellations. up to 100% of rent
Late Payment Fee Progressive fee starts at this amount; no grace period. $   75
Returned check fee per item $   20
Readmission fee

$  100

Visa fee for international students traveling on an F-1 visa requiring processing of the initial I-20 form $  100