Spring 2012

Spring 2012

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President's Page: Eat, Eat, Love

Every year, for somewhere between two and four weeks, my 86-year-old Greek father-in-law comes to visit. During that time, my house is full of the steams and smells that only someone born in Europe before the war can truly produce.

Cornucopia of Culinary Talents

Seven alumnae in the food industry fill an array of roles.

Spring Forward with Issues & Ideas

A galaxy of experts in a number of fields—from education to activism, from economics to acting—bring meaningful dialogues to the campus

Celebrating Women: The Athena Film Festival Awards

Opening night of the second Athena Film Festival sparkled with an array of film lovers and professionals

Africana Studies program celebrates its 20th anniversary

New faculty members strengthen the Africana studies program and establish new courses of study. Read more about these renowned scholars.

Change They Can Believe In?

Israeli diplomat discusses regional shifts—past, present, and future

Dateline: Mumbai

Barnard’s Fourth Annual Global Symposium draws together India’s women leaders to share their culture and ideas and to inspire young women
to become leaders of the future

Global Fellows in Sangli

A performance becomes a political force