Winter 2009

Winter 2009

The Promise of the Obama Presidency

A conversation with political scientist Richard Pious, Barnard's Adolf S. and Effie E. Ochs Professor of American Studies, and author of Why Presidents Fail

Brown Bagging It

New lunchtime lectures explore pressing issues

Life is a Cabaret

Singer Judy Butterfield is definitely not the next 'American Idol'

Summer in the City

New Pre-College Program Director encourages sampling college life before that first year

Robert Earl

Bringing new standards and focus to OCD

From Ideal to Real

Barnard revamps Introductory Economics

Dig Deeper Into Yourself, Not Your Wallet

April Lane Benson '73, PhD: To Buy or not to Buy: Why We Overshow and How to Stop, Trumpeter Books, $16.95

Night Light

William Chapman Sharpe: New York Nocturne: The City After Dark in Literature, Painting, and Photography, 1850-1950, Princeton University Press, $35