Academic Advising

Every student is assigned an academic adviser and is expected to meet with her or him at least four times throughout a year. You can count on your adviser for information about policies and procedures, and for guidance on how to plan your program in order to satisfy the College's degree requirements.

Major Advising

During your sophomore year, each student declares a major and selects an adviser who will work with her for the next two years. A student who chooses to double major will have two major advisers. Students who know which major they would like to pursue but are unsure how to select an adviser, please consult with the chair of the department. Students may contact particular faculty members in order to decide if they would be a good match. Each semester, most departments hold meetings or open houses to help students make informed decisions about majors. The meetings provide an opportunity to meet faculty members within a department.

Special and Combined Major 

If you wish to apply for a special or combined major, please discuss requirements and procedures with your Class Dean. Once you are at the point of making application, please follow the instructions on the Special Major Form or the Combined Major Form  ,  and obtain the necessary approvals, conveying support for your proposed major.

Petition for Changes to a Combined or Special Major

To be used only for requests for changes to special or combined majors already approved. Return the completed Petition for Changes to a Combined or Special Major form (with all required approvals) to the Registrar's Office, 107 Milbank. 

Transfer Student Advising

Barnard has a long and happy tradition of welcoming transfer students. Deans within the Office of the Dean of Studies and the Registrar serve as advisers to new transfer students, helping them negotiate the particulars of the Barnard curriculum course selection process. Students who transfer after two full years of study at another institution move almost directly to major declaration. Those who are classified as first-year or sophomore students will continue with their initial advisers until the appropriate time (see above section about the major). Visiting students are assigned advisers to assist with procedures and to act as a general resources during the student's stay at Barnard. Please contact the Office of the Dean of Studies for more information.