Winter 2011

Winter 2011

Women's Studies: Then & Now

Barnard launched the Women's Studies Major in 1974. Alumna Lois Elfman '80 looks at the careers, changes, and challenges over 30 years.

Center Stage at Barnard

For academically outstanding students seeking a career in theatre, music, or dance, Barnard’s liberal arts programs and location in a world-class performance arts capital entice growing numbers. Faculty department heads W. B. Worthen, Gail Archer, and Mary Cochran tell Barnard Magazine why.

Through the Gates: Going Global

Barnard students study overseas as more international students come to the college.

Through the Gates: Beyond the Game

Exploring the role of sports in the creation of women leaders.

Through the Gates: Tow Foundation

A generous benefactor supports faculty research and exemplary teaching.

Formula for Expansion

A modern-day makeover in Altschul Hall is an important step for the department’s future.

Though the Gates: All in the Family

Barnard’s annual Family Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for families to visit the campus, meet some of the people who make the College such a special place, and, of course, spend time with their Barnard students.

Support for the Essentials: Two Funds Target Faculty Research


If there is one word that rattles young professors, it might be this one: tenure. To attain this status, which offers both job security and prestige, a faculty member must undergo a grueling review process of skills and scholarship. At Barnard, tenure-track instructors often endure an intensely challenging stretch, as they are expected to turn out research in the manner of faculty at a large university like Columbia while frequently carrying the heavy course load typical of professors at smaller colleges like Barnard.